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Our Experts draw from years of experience in construction safety, OSHA Compliance, Accident Investigation, Workers Compensation, MUTCD Roadwork, Marine Construction, Tunnel Construction, Industrial Hygiene, and all areas of Contruction Safety.  Our Experts have worked on some of the largest construction projects in the United States.

Strong Knowledge. Strong Written Opinions.

Our expert witnesses are well respected construction safety Professionals that are field savvy with college degrees in Occupational Safety and Health and possess professional designations such as CSP, ASP, CHST and are certified OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Trainers. 

Real World Expereince That Matters At Trial

Our experts have extensive safety experience in the following construction types: Heavy Civil, Roadwork, Bridges, Tunnels, Airports, Hydro Electric Plants, Water Treatment Plants, and General Building. Real Experience equals Real Credibility. 



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